Large Format Images

Images for trade shows, backdrops, walls and windows

Creating large format images takes professional programming and a knowledge of color reproduction, resolutions,and the end production processes. The choice of substrate can range from vinyl or Lexan to a variety of cloths and other materials. Each one, along with the final imaging process, can require different file formats, resolutions, and color profiles.

Banner Stands
Banner Backwall
8 Foot Pop-up
Hanging Banners

The resolution of the images we start with directly effect the final outcome. With specialized enlargement programming, we can enlarge smaller images and produce clear, sharp graphics at huge sizes. Of course, some images are so small that there is not enough digital information in the original to attain the size needed. Choosing the right size image(s) is key to the success of your large graphic.

We are a trade show exhibit distributor with extensive experience in creating large format imagery. Whether we are developing a self-cling wall or window graphic, trade show exhibit imagery, or colorful hanging banners, you can be sure that the final product will be stunning. 

Quality Images & Products

Cheap is not always good, and good is not always expensive.

Prizm Graphics is a direct distributor and can give you the best pricing on exhibits and banner stands.

Designing high impact large format imagery is our specialty. Our extensive knowledge of resolutions, color space,
and the reproduction processes ensures a sharp and high-impact image that not only looks good from across a showroom - but knocks your socks off when seen up close.

We carry exhibits and stands that come with LIFETIME WARRANTIES and graphic panels that are the most durable in the business. Whether imaged on specialty cloth substrates or semi-rigid Lexan, displays and banner stands from Prizm are built to last - from show, to show, to show.