Our Experience

We bring a broad knowledge to every project.

Prizm Graphics was founded in 1989 in Jacksonville, Florida.

We are dual platform (Mac and PC) and use the latest professional software in our design creations. With extensive knowledge of image resolutions, color reproduction, and reproduction processes, we can guarantee that your images will never appear to be blurry or off-color. Whether we are creating an image for a small brochure or for a huge exhibit, your image will be clear and sharp.

With backgrounds in sales, print production and management, color separations, agency production and of course, graphic design, the staff at Prizm brings "start to finish" knowledge that ensures the successful production of every project. Our clients can depend on us to create and produce their projects on time, on budget, and with thorough coordination with any vendors that may be involved.

Working with Prizm can save you money.

Knowing the various production processes, and designing with that process in mind, ensures that projects go smoothly in the final production phases. Sending the types of files that each vendor needs, and coordinating each project with them, ensures that each step runs smoothly - without surprise cost increases along the way.

With Prizm Graphics as your design partner, you'll know that your promotional pieces will be creative, effective,
and cost efficient.


Photos are rarely perfect.

Special effects images can be eye-catching and can make the viewer stop and really look at your promotional piece or display.

Damaged photos become flawless, people appear and disappear, office desks are cleaned, and multiple photos become one high impact image. Whether you need a different background, want to add or remove a person, or simply clean up a photo, Prizm can make it look flawless.

See more retouching samples on our Design Services page.