Get the most from your image

We make it all work together - and save cost in the process.

When creating an image for your business, we start by asking what all of the possible uses may be. Then, we create the largest of those images first, and reduce the size of the image for smaller projects. Here's an example:

If you want a display and a trade show handout, we'll start with the large display image
(often 8 feet wide or more). We may then use that same image on your brochure or handout so that your trade show visitors will remember you from the show when they are back at their office and take a look through the sea of brochures they picked up. From there, we can place the image into an advertisement or your website. Your potential customers will recognize you by seeing that same image and style. This continuity, and our working of the images in the right order, saves you money, and increases your brand recognition immensely.

Continuity is key. The "image" that Prizm creates, the look and "feel" of your business, can be carried throughout your promotional items and communications to ensure brand recognition and cost effectiveness.

Save Big on Printing

Deal direct and save.

Prizm Graphics will design your image, create your marketing pieces and give you the best pricing on high quality displays, banner stands, and large format graphics.

Although we design all types of printed materials, Prizm Graphics is not a printing company. We will coordinate our design and file production with your vendor, or we will connect you to one of our vendors to ensure that your project is produced to specification and comes out right.

Eliminating the "middle man" will save you the mark-ups involved with traditional advertising agencies, and give you a connection for future projects.