Internet Sites, Ads and Communications

Reach your potential customers and current clients where they spend most of their work time - at their desk.

Prizm Graphics will design your Internet site, web ads, Facebook page, and e-mail campaigns - all with a cohesive look that works together with your other marketing materials, and increases your brand recognition.

Getting in front of your market on a regular basis is key to the growth of your business. E-mail marketing has become easy with online programs. We'll create newsletters and maintain your email list for you, or set up a professional template that your staff can work with to create your own campaigns.

Technology is changing at an incredible pace, and it is nearly impossible for designers to keep up with it. Most designers can make your site "look good", and most coders can create all of the latest bells and whistles but often lack design capabilities. We bring both to the creation of your Internet site.

Make your image work for you. Create a positive and professional first impression with your potential customers.
Prizm Graphics can make it happen.

E-mail Campaigns

Make your E-mail Campaigns a resource.

People are inundated with e-mails.
To make sure your e-mails are read, Prizm will make your e-mail campaigns a valuable resource to your potential clients.

We will also give them an easy way to forward your e-mails to their network of people in your market. - and increase your audience.

With today's technology, we can track who reads your e-mails (and when), what links they clicked on, what parts of the country you are reaching, and thus assess how to improve readership.

Prizm Graphics will bring the "look" of your marketing materials into your professional e-mail campaigns. We can also set up templates for your in-office use.