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In addition to huge outdoor fabric banners and vinyl cut specialty signage, we offer a full line of products to make the outdoors into a showroom for your event, products and business. Let us know what your applications are, and we'll find the right solution for your outdoor event!

Prizm Graphics
Boulevard Poles are used for single or double-sided street banners and signs that are typically installed on light or electric poles. Banners are printed on our 15oz. Blackout Vinyl using our Solv-it! process. Click HERE for Bannner Pricing.
Prizm Graphics
The Banshee kinetic banner system is designed to be used indoors or outdoors in most weather conditions. The Banshee uses the Pennant fabric process which is a Kaleidoscope Select process that uses full saturation so your message bleeds through and can be seen on both sides of the display. This system has two mechanisms to handle wind: a bearing polypropylene bushing allowing the graphic to rotate out of the wind; but equally important is that the top baton section bends at the same time as the whole unit swivels out of the wind and therefore handles gusts from any direction very well.
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Sky Blade is a lightweight and portable flag stand perfect for outdoor events. The Sky Blade holds up to 40 mph wind with either the weighted base or ground stake. For higher winds add additional weight. With one or multiple units and three different heights available your message will have exceptional visibility for all to see.
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The Media Screen 2 AWD (All Weather Display) is the outdoor banner stand that carries all the style and features of an indoor premium stand but with tough as nails outdoor hardware. The Media Screen 2 AWD is a double-sided unit tough enough for outdoor weather conditions. The supporting masts and graphics are retracted into the silver-on -chrome base. The unit is designed with a heavy duty base and spring supported mast. Two black padded storage bags are standard with all units.
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The Alfresco banner stand is an exceptional system for outdoor banner applications. It is specially designed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions including high winds and rain. The base has a lightweight tank with an easy-fill water or sand opening (water or sand not included). The durable, click-stop mast provides a secure, balanced structure that sets up in minutes and stays put. A bullseye locking system in each corner maintains a flat, even shape. The Alfresco can be purchased with or without a graphic, and is available single-sided. Kaleidoscope Select Sports Mesh is strongly recommended for use on the Alfresco system. Sports Mesh is extremely wind resistant - perfect for outdoors!
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The Rally Banner is designed for outdoor banner displays. The graphic is attached to the frame with multiple secure connections for greater stability. With the ability to adjust the height up to 16’ your audience will notice your message from great distances at your next event.
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