If it isn't our specialty, we'll send you to the right resource.

We work with clients and vendors all over the United States. If there is something you need, and it isn't our "area of expertise", we'll recommend the right resource for you to contact.

We'll even go further that that! If you want to work directly with a printer, another display vendor, a publication or... anyone, we'll coordinate with them to make sure your design project is set up for your vendor's requirements, and that the project goes smoothly from start to finish!

We pride ourselves with the quality of the work we do, and rely on an excellent group of vendors to see your designs through to final production.

If there's something you need, ask us. If we don't offer that service or product, we'll recommend the right resource.

Your image deserves to be handled by the best in the business.




Getting it printed

We cut out the "middle man."

Although we design all types of printed materials, Prizm Graphics is not a printing company. We will coordinate our design and file production with your vendor, or we will connect you to one of our vendors to ensure that your project is produced to specification and comes out right.

We will recommend the right printer and the right type of printing process, and have the printer provide you with an estimate prior to starting the project. Then, we'll put you in direct contact with the vendor for the purchase of your project.

We'll follow through with them through every step of the process and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Eliminating the "middle man" will save you the mark-ups involved with traditional advertising agencies, and give you a connection for future projects.